Plants and Pollinators

We’ve had two great months of speakers on the topics of pollinators and plants!  Thank you Joe and Greg for taking your time to come share with us!

Joe Boggs, an entomologist at The Ohio State University was our guest in July sharing how insects are keystone organisms and that diversity in plants and insects helps keep our ecosystem functioning without or with little chemical controls.

For August, Greg Torres from the Cincinnati Civic Garden Center presented on pollinators and native plants that benefit pollinators.  From early spring pussywillows to the fall asters and goldenrod, there are many native plants that can help support the honey bee.  He recommend Xerces Society as a great source of information. 

Observation Hive

John and Susanna Favaron installed bees in the observation hive at the Caesar Creek Nature Center!  Many more hands from our club and Erin and Jonas from the Nature Center have helped get the hive usable and running.  It is sure to spark conversations about the role of bees for pollination and honey production and just may inspire future beekeepers!  Be sure to stop by the Nature Center at Caesar Creek to check it out. 

Religious Society of Friends Summer Camp

Geoff Hultgren and his daughter Frances recently gave of their time to present to the Summer Camp at Quaker Knoll.  The children were very intrigued and enjoyed trying on protective gear for size! 

Caesar Creek Nature Center

The sun was shining at the Caesar Creek Nature Center Saturday as club member John Favaron brought his observation hive and shared with the visitors about caring for honey bees.  Fantastic job, John!

June meeting recap

A big thank you to Alex Zomchek for speaking at our June club meeting!  He shared his experience on apiary management and answered lots of our questions. What were some of the biggest takeaways?  Monitor your colonies, learn their ebbs and flows and be prepared to help them to build their fall nest in the same way we help them to build their spring nest. 

Guest speaker for the Meeting, June 9th

Our June meeting is this coming up,  Sunday June 9th at 1 p.m. Alex Zomchek will be our guest speaker. He does honey bee research out of Miami Oxford and is also a Master Beekeeper instructor, but this national speaker won’t leave us bored, so mark your calendars to come to the meeting!

Our meeting is held in the basement of the Lebanon Presbyterian Church, 123 N East St. Enter the building from the north end of the alley behind the church. 🐝

Swarm Season is Near!

Do you have a honey bee swarm?  If you are not sure refer to our Bee ID page.     There is more useful information about honey bees on this web page. If they are honey bees, call one of our member Swarm Catchers for swarm removal.  PLEASE Do not spray them.   Thank you.

Warren County 4H Clinic

Vice president Geoff Hultgren and daughter Frances participating in the Warren County 4H clinic. They are answering questions of 4Hers  considering the beekeeping project.

Installing a Package

Installing a package

Another educational and enjoyable meeting for local beekeepers. The Q&A session helped answer almost a dozen questions from new beekeepers. John Favaron covered important aspects of package installation.

Thank you Terry Liberman-Smith for your post.

2019 Club Officers

With a new year comes new officers.  Our 2019 club officers, voted in at the December meeting are as follows:
President – Paul Dorger
Vice President – Geoff Hultgren
Treasurer – Keith Mealy
Secretary – Alice Craig

Let’s all welcome them and thank them for stepping up for the club.