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Monthly Meeting Refreshments

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Honey Extractor

Honey extractor for Club Member use.  The 2 extractors are stored in Monroe at Mike Bussemeyer’s storage facility. His phone number is 513.900.0089.   Contact Mike for further details.  The extractors are to be returned clean and in good working order. The cost is $5 each day.   Return the Extractor & Pay via PayPal.

Mentors Needed

We are in need of mentors for upcoming beekeepers.  If you are willing to mentor, please follow this link.  We need this information so we can pair mentors with beekeepers.  The following Beekeepers have signed up as mentors:



Meeting Recaps:



Are you willing to mentor beekeepers?  If so we need you!    Please fill out the form below.  We will respond as soon as we can.

Return Extractor

WCOB Meeting Minutes

Both regular meeting and Board meeting minutes can be found here.   Minutes Jan 17, 2021 Warren County Ohio Beekeepers Minutes 11-8-2020