The Warren County Ohio Beekeepers is a non-profit organization and has been meeting for more than 40 years. It is a rich source of information. Many of the members have been keeping bees for more than 15 years and at least one member for 50 years! Harvesting the maximum honey is as much art as science, so being able to ask questions to these long-time beekeepers has enabled newer beekeepers to gain knowledge and confidence faster than they possibly could on their own. The club’s regular meetings are held at 1:30 p.m. on the second Sunday of almost every month (except January, May & September) at The Lebanon Presbyterian Church at 123 N. East Street in Lebanon, Ohio. Annual membership dues are a bargain at only twenty dollars.

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Our 2023 club officers are as follows:

Paul Dorger, President
Laura Fazekas, Vice President
Beatriz Woodall, Education Director
Alan DeJarnette, Treasurer
Dian  Danino, Secretary

Our thanks go out to our Outgoing President, Geoff Hultgren for his service to our Club.

The membership is a diverse cross-section of men and women from the county. Some are young and bring new babies to meetings; some are so old they can tell you the way it used to be done. Most members keep two to four hives, but several have seven to fifteen and a few have forty or more. Most members produce honey, beeswax, pollen, and propolis for personal use and as gifts. A couple of members make a part of their income from the sale of these products. A few members keep bees just for the enjoyment of learning about and observing these fascinating social insects.

Ohio has a rich history of beekeeping. The hobby was first popularized over one hundred forty years ago. The worldwide craze was based on a book of observations and methods written by Ohio resident Lorenzo L. Langstroth. It showed people how to have easy access to a sweetener, honey, for the first time by keeping bees. After the Civil War, he sold hives and queen bees all over the country from his home in Oxford, Ohio. A queen bee sold for $20. Over in Medina, Ohio, the A. I. Root Company built up to become a large factory with rail car sidings and dozens of employees by selling pre cut parts for beehives, and later beeswax candles.

Educational Meetings are open to everyone and held the 2nd Sunday of each month in the Lebanon Presbyterian Church, 123 N. East St.,

Warren County Ohio Beekeepers, teaching beekeepers how to keep bees and pollinators healthy. 
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 and learn about bees, bee hives, bee colonies, and the art of beekeeping.


Enter the church through the white metal door. This door remains locked, so please be on time as we will have a member monitoring the door or a cell number to call.

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