Reserve Honey Extractor

Be sure to clean inside AND outside as this is for food products..
1. Please do not disassemble the extractors to clean them. They don’t always go back together the same way as original.
2. First Use COLD water (a hose is OK) and dish soap along with gentle washing to loosen wax and honey. *NOTE: Wax will melt and make a big mess if you use warm or hot water initially to clean the extractor.
3. Second, per CDC guidelines, sanitize with a bleach solution: 1/3 cup bleach per gallon or 4 Tsps bleach per quart Allow the bleach solution to remain on extractor for AT LEAST 10 minutes. Rinse with Hot tap water.
4. Third Wash again with liquid dish soap, Rinse well with HOT tap water, Dry, and also let it air dry.
5. Thank you for returning it CLEANER than when you borrowed it.
Don’t forget You Should clean and sanitize the extractor before use also. 
Info From SWOSBA


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