2022 March 13 Meeting @ 1 :30 pm; Featuring Dwight Wells

This month Dwight Wells presents

Swarm Control: Preventing the brood nest from being overcrowded and honey bound.  The processes include controlling the honey barrier, reversing brood supers, bottom supering, checkerboarding

Removing brood to make a nuc and other ideas.

Swarm Trapping: Finding locations of feral colonies, swarm trap system, and contents, location of swarm traps

Management Of swarms after being caught including feeding, checking for mite biting behavior and overwintering.

Creating Nucs: Different nuc configurations, phases of nuc creation, selection of brood, resources, and bees. What balances colonies, queen introduction, feeding, care management, and over-wintering.

Bio of Dwight Wells
President of West Central Ohio Beekeepers Association (WCOBA), Life Member and Board Director of Ohio State Beekeepers Association (OSBA) Life Member of Beekeepers of Indiana and Life Member of Pennsylvania Beekeepers Association. A founding member and Director of the Heartland Honey Bee Breeders Cooperative (HHBBC). A board member of the Ohio Pollinator Habitat Initiative and a member of The Honey Bee Health Coalition. A member of the Propolis Project that has partnered with Wright-Paterson Air Force Base, we have a lease with the US Defense Department that allows us to have Honey Bees on the base. Because of our work at WPAFB, the base is a Bee City USA. We have 15 Ohio Locally Adapted Colonies on the base in 3 bee yards. Founding Member of the Ohio Queen Bee Improvement project. LLC. Recently created Rescuing Feral Honey Bees under the Propolis Project. Started keeping bees in 1954 at age 14 as a Penn State 4H project.



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