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Winter Beekeeping

Prepare for overwintering

Keep Bees Alive by Michigan State University

Feeding Your Bees

Candy Board Recipe 1

Candy Board – Apple Lady Craig


Keeping Bees Snug


Candy Boards can provide both food as well as moisture control helping keep your bees snug. 

Food & Moisture Control

Other considerations:

 Check your colony’s level of candy wealth and replenish when needed.
 If you are planning on purchasing bees for 2019, the time is now. Some are already sold
out for spring orders.
 Beginning planning your location/s for your new hives or expanding apiary.
 Build and paint boxes, assemble frames.
 Browse through the many beekeeping catalogs. Many vendors will have a
table/booth at SWOBA school in March and you can pick up orders there to save shipping.
 Read some good beekeeping books.